With a mission to transcend with the Youth of the world, and give birth to the next generation of World Leaders, I engage in projects with the values of Human Dignity, Entrepreneurship, and Education front and center.


European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education

ECLEE  is an independent institute created in 2004 in the USA and in 2006 in France, specializing in educational innovation. ECLEE bridges academia with the needs of global industry by promoting employability, nondiscrimination, leadership, people skills, and innovative curricula. Based in Lille, France, ECLEE develops its missions with academic, institutional, and commercial partners in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. ECLEE offers educational tools, certified training courses, and strategic tools promoting economic development, employment opportunity, and equality policies across several continents.

Projects in Europe

This program aims to recognise the most innovative qualifications in the music sector by developing a pilot model that:

• Strengthens the cooperation and network between partner organisations;

• Facilitates the recognition and validation of knowledge, skills and competences of music professionals as well as the recognition of selected professional qualifications;

• Encourages the cooperation between regional authorities to promote integrating the practice of recognising professional qualification, into certain local and regional development initiatives.

The program aimed to develop basic and transversal skills in entrepreneurship and digital technologies using innovative and learner-centered pedagogical approaches. These skills are part of the development of “initiative and entrepreneurship”, one of the eight domains of the European framework of key skills. They involve: Creativity, Innovation and risk taking, Objectives-Centered Project planning and management, Raising awareness of ethical values and Promoting good governance.

The program aimed at organising cross-border exchanges that offer young and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses. This exchange of experiences allows new entrepreneurs to acquire the skills essential to the good management of a small business, while the host entrepreneur benefits from a fresh perspective on his/her business. ECLEE also supported several young entrepreneurs in their mobility and entrepreneurship approach.

ECLEE participated in the first launch of the official ESCO version on the 8th and 9th of October, 2017. ESCO is a multilingual classification system of European skills, competences, qualifications and occupations, which constitutes part of the Europe 2020 strategy. The ESCO classification identifies and categorizes skills, competences, qualifications and occupations relevant to the labor market, education and training within the EU. It systematically presents the links between the different concepts. As an active stakeholder, ECLEE integrates the ESCO system into its projects and services to accelerate the employability of young people even beyond European territory. 

The program consisted of developing a network of European actors in vocational training in order to share knowledge, prepare a comparative study of good practices and share innovative approaches in the field of vocational guidance and new technologies used to make efficient career guidance. 

The network carried out the following actions:

A report on career guidance 

A web page that will serve as a guide for job seekers and students;

A sharing platform among teachers and consultants;

A survey applied to students and job seekers to obtain their feedback.


A guide, A shepherd.

Jagora University’s mission is to empower its students through an environment that stimulates their passions, critical thinking, compassion, and orientation towards wisdom for value creation. We facilitate access to learning, higher education and training opportunities that enable its students and professionals to develop knowledge and necessary skills to compete in the global workforce. Our students are the next generation of world-class workforce deeply rooted and based on humanity and professional mastery. We are driven by the mantra that “Global Economic Health is Attained through Installing Ongoing General Education Programs”.