About Dr Salouhou


Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou is the founder and director of the European Center for Leadership (ECLEE), President and co-founder of Djagora University in Senegal, professor of Leadership at the SKEMA Executive MBA program in France, and professor of Leadership, lean healthcare, and international business at the University of Lille.   

Now allow me to share with you the raw unfiltered story. My journey started from the little-town streets in Cameroon. In those dusty alleys ran the skinny, impoverished, bare-foot kid whose story you are reading now. Yes, I had the big dreams, perseverance, talent, and ambition, which make up any success story. So what makes my story worth reading, and most importantly, valuable to you?   

Africa gave me life and my foundation as a human being, Europe gave me the know-how and the pragmatism. Notice how in what has just been said, two notions, which are stereotypically portrayed as being unequal, complement one another, seamlessly and powerfully. I have educated myself to make the cultural contrast between Africa and Europe work FOR me, and I have succeeded at creating a unique standpoint and Leadership style with that proactive mindset. And this is what I am here to offer you and humanity! 

In a world where there is so much noise demanding you to fix who you are and dictating how you should think, feel and act to be a so-called Leader, I am here to tell you a different narrative.  In my mind’s eye, meaningful Leadership is an outcome of authenticity and truthfulness. Therefore, as your Leadership coach, I aim to take you on a human and dignified process, that will not ask you to compromise your humanity, your values, or yourself.  But here is what I will ask you: Are you ready to dig deep into yourself and find out the wonders that you are capable of? Are you ready to double down on yourself and let the world witness your immense capabilities and creative power? Are you prepared to lead yourself and your community toward a future that is seeded in your unique view of the world? 

If you answered to any of these questions with a YES, then you are more than prepared to become a Leader who elevates themselves, their community, and the entire world. I am passionate about education, and sharing knowledge, and so, I have created free resources, online courses, and webinars, among others to share with you invaluable teachings conceived by my personal mentor and spiritual father Peter Koestenbaum, myself, and the most outstanding teacher of all, LIFE!


I know Dr. Salouhou since 1990 and I can tell you out his exciting story and describe how a great mind ramps with an unshakable ambition from a modest student to a great coach in business and leadership science.
Sami Ajram
Founder of SL3J systems S.A.R.L
Dr. Salouhou is my advisor at ESC Lille. he continues to be an inspiration, coach, teacher, and friend. He has a wonderful diverse background that makes my doctoral worthwhile.
Cathy Hoeing, PHD Ajram
Senior Manager, PMO at Rivian
Working within Eclee with Dr Salouhou will probably my most impactful professional experience. Dr Salou (for close friends) does not leave anyone indifferent. For him, speech is an art.
Mohamed Ouadah
Head of account management at RTB House
Mahamouda Salouhou was a mentor to me and my team at the Global Entrepreneurship competition 2005. He excited us and inspired us with his leadership and vision. He got us hooked into wanting to be the best we could be.
Foutseh Khomh
CEO of Lyfpro