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June 24th – 28th 2019, Lille France

LEAN Six Sigma Certification Program – Welcoming to our EU partners partners

June 18th – 20th, 2019 cCLEP meeting Athens


June 2019

June 18th – 20th, 2019 cCLEP meeting Athens

June 24th – 28th 2019

LEAN Six Sigma Certification Program Lille – France
ERASMUS+ Key Activity 2 – Strategic Partnership

Welcoming to our EU partners partners

The EU job market is being challenges constantly. While jobs in manufacturing, services and IT are being off-shored to foreign countries, there are a significant skills mismatches between unemployed seeking jobs and the competences needed by potential employers. To make things more complexes, the life shelf of competences is shrinking thus requires from VET and educational providers to work closely with industry to design programs that are current and meet today’s competences and skills needs. While countries are setting up standards and policies for Vocational Education and Training, companies are also creating standards based on their needs in term of competencies and know how.

September 2019

Shoormal Conference in Shetland | Scotland, Wed 18 to Saturday 21 September

Be a Leader

Develop Your Leadership Qualities

Dr Salouhou is the student and disciple of Professor Peter Koestenbaum, founder of the renowned Leadership Diamond® methodology. Dr. Salouhou is an international speaker, trainer, and professor on leadership and personal development. His audiences are diverse but universal in their quest for excellence – professionals, Executives, students, and youth from all walks of life, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Dr. Salouhou’s focus is to make the Leadership Diamond® more accessible to a wider population.

About Dr. Salouhou

From Street Boy to University Founder and President

To go from running on little-town streets in Cameroon as an impoverished, skinny, barefoot child to running a STEM Plus Program on a NASA campus for underprivileged kids ? What a journey !

Not to mention going from designer of training for multinational corporations such as The Boeing Company to serving as an executive coach and, faculty member at the University of Washington. And from, a member of the MIT Lean Advancement Working Group to the current co-founder and president of Djagora University…

Many Africans can identify themselves in this childhood story. But really, just who is Dr Mahamouda Salouhou ?

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