Mohamed OUADAH

Travailler au sein d’ECLEE avec le Dr Mahamouda Salouhou restera probablement mon expérience professionnelle la plus marquante. Dr Salou (pour les intimes) ne laisse personne indifférent. Chez lui, la parole est un art. Il excelle dans la métaphore…

Sami Ajram

I know Dr Salouhou since 1990 and I can tell about his exciting story and describe how a great mind ramps with an unshakable ambition from a modest student to a great coach in business and leadership science.

Foutse Khomh

Mahamouda Salouhou was a mentor to me and my team at the Global Social Entrepreneurship competition 2005. He excited us and inspired us with his leadership and vision. He got us hooked into wanting to be the best we could be.