Dr Mahamouda Salouhou

"Africa gave me life and my foundation as human being, Europe gave me the Higher Learning credentials and America gave the know-how and the pragmatism" I am grateful and forever indebted to these 3 continents.


From Street Boy to University Founder and President

To go from running on little-town streets in Cameroon as an impoverished, skinny, barefoot child to running a STEM Plus Program on a NASA campus for underprivileged kids ? What a journey !

Not to mention going from designer of training for multinational corporations such as The Boeing Company to serving as an executive coach and, faculty member at the University of Washington. And from, a member of the MIT Lean Advancement Working Group to the current co-founder and president of Djagora University…

Many Africans can identify themselves in this childhood story. But really, just who is Dr Mahamouda Salouhou ?

He is the founder and director of the European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE), professor of leadership at the SKEMA Executive MBA program in France, professor of leadership, lean healthcare, and international business at the University of Lille, and the current president and co-founder of Djagora University in Senegal.

Education, human dignity, and entrepreneurship are deep in his DNA. Dr Salouhou is one of those individuals who gets up every morning with a new project idea that will carry out to the end regardless of whether it is a success or a failure. He rarely gives up.

By taking action and opening new perspectives, Mahamouda Salouhou expands possibilities to infinity. He often, makes the most improbable projects possible and successful through conviction, optimism, and the belief that the only limits are those that we impose on ourselves.

By convincing friends and collegues to introduce professional certifications in their academic programs, he has impacted the lives of thousands of young people over the last 15 years. When asked, he always replies, « Africa gave me life and my foundation as human being, Europe gave me the know-how and the pragmatism »

Dr Salouhou truly became the true version of himself when he became the disciple of professor Peter Koestenbaum, to whom he refers as his spiritual father, teacher and mentor.

Dr Salouhou’s belief in human greatness make him declare, « If I can do it, anybody can. »

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