Leadership Seminar

Introduction to Leadership Diamond®

Are you ready to own who you are ?

Leadership is a state of mind that allows us to make sense of our lives, motivates us to move forward, and mobilizes others to follows us. Today, leaders are no longer the sole decision makers of a company, the latter needs leaders at ALL levels. This seminar will help you develop a mindset that will sharpen your leadership CAPACITY and leadership READINESS. This very special seminar will challenge your very notion of leadership and yourself.

This seminar is interactive, engaging, and powerful, with every module content theory featuring both individual and group exercices.

Why attend this seminar ?

This seminar will help you become your own best ally and the est version of yourself. The Leadership Diamond®is a set of tools and a methodology that will help you access the Diamond within you.



Module 1


General Overview of the Notions of Leadership and Management

Individual and Collective Performance


The Outer Diamond®

Module 2


The Outer Diamond® or Leadership Capacity:

Courage, Ethics, Reality, and Vision


The Inner Diamond®

Module 3

The Inner Diamond® or Leadership Readiness: Going Deeper, Striving for Greatness, Facing the Shadow, and Managing Polarity


The "4Ds"

Module 4


Putting It All Together and Understanding the Human Being

The 4Ds: Define, Diagnose, Design, and Deploy


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